Advantages of a Professional Manager

There are many advantages of appointing a professional to manage your Owners Corporation.  A professional Manager is able to deal at arm’s length with members and provide updated information to members regarding relevant government legislation.  This can assist members who have previously had to ask neighbours for arrears of levies or contact them regarding complaints made against them, giving members more time to enjoy their living environment and take the stress out of these issues.

A professional Manager can be appointed to manage the full administration component of an Owners Corporation which can relieve owner/managers from attending to such things as operating the Bank Account, paying Contractors as required, arranging relevant insurance, collecting arrears from members etc.  A more detailed list of the management services can be found under the heading”Our Services” on this website.

BodyCorp Management Services Pty. Ltd. is also registered with the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) and holds Professional Indemnity Insurance as per the requirements of a paid Manager pursuant to the Owners Corporations Act 2006.  The Business is also a member of the professional body “Strata Community Australia – Vic” (SCA) which provides additional benefits to our members, such as initial legal advice on matters as required.  SCA also provide continual education, mentoring and support to members.


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