Our business can arrange and coordinate maintenance of the common areas on behalf of members, which can greatly assist in maintaining and improving the value of the development. Examples of maintenance required within an Owners Corporation are as follows:-

  • Arranging routine maintenance and repairs to common property. This can of great assistance to owners, in relation to being a central contact to report maintenance issues, arrange their repair and payment of the works from Owners Corporation funds.
  • Defining responsibility of repairs between common property and lot proprietors.
  • Obtaining quotations for works and working with a Committee to coordinate work, if required.
  • Review and maintain any building/maintenance Contracts the Owners Corporation enters into.
  • Maintaining regular contact with Contractors to ensuring timing of attendances, such as gardening are continued according to Budget.
  • Members can often benefit from financial savings when maintenance of the common area is done collectively and this can extend to include areas within private lots, if agreed by members.

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