Management and Administration Services

We undertake the following services to ensure developers and owners are properly informed of their obligations:

  • Arrange and attend your Annual General Meeting:
    • Meetings can either be held on-site when appropriate, or at the Greater Shepparton Business Centre, 70 New Dookie Road, Shepparton.
    • Prepare and forward Notice of Meeting, Agenda, Proxy Form, Financial Statements and Proposed Budget to each lot owner prior to the meeting, in accordance with the requirements of the Owners Corporations Act 2006.
    • Take submissions from anyone who is permitted to submit matters to a meeting and ensuring compliance with all rules
    • Conduct the meeting and record the Minutes
    • Prepare and distribute the Minutes of the meeting
    • Calling for nominations for positions on the committee (if required)
  • Obtain competitive insurance proposals for consideration by the members
  • Provide information on behalf of the Owners Corporation as required by OCA 2006.
  • Implement the decision and/or directions of the Owners Corporation and its Committee
  • Maintain up-to-date Owners Corporation records, including the Strata Roll and Register
  • Provide general advice and assistance to the Owners Corporation and Committee members
  • Issue levy notices
  • Establish individual bank accounts for each Owners Corporation (fee free)
  • Pay Insurance premiums and lodge insurance claims
  • Hold the Common Seal for the Owners Corporation and affix as required in accordance with the OCA 2006
  • Answer all communications and correspondence addressed to the Owners Corporation
  • Lodge documents as required by the Registrar of Titles and the Australian Taxation Office
  • Prepare Owners Corporation documents as required under the OCA Act 2006, including Owners Corporation Certificates
  • Process matters under the Owners Corporation Dispute Resolution Process as contained in the Owners Corporation Rules.

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